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Celebrating Christmas with the Forgotten People of Wrocław

Season's greetings!

As some of you know, Brett, Daniel, Raj, myself (John van Vliet), and others have been reaching out to the homeless men and women of Wrocław. Our "Forgotten People of Wroclaw" outreach has strived to bring the love of Christ into the lives of many people struggling on the streets. With generous donations and volunteer hours from the INCW body, we have been able to share the Good News of Christ with the homeless while providing food and clothing when we can. Perhaps you have met one or two of our friends as they have been to some of our church services in the past year.

I want to give a great, big thank you to everyone who has helped!

A chance to give this Christmas

This Christmas, we want provide a warm holiday cheer to our forgotten friends in Wrocław.

On December 26, at 10:00am, our outreach will be meeting the homeless men and women at Plac Nowy Targ for a Christmas celebration. We will provide warm food and drinks while sharing the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. We are currently reaching out and inviting men and women to come meet with us this Christmas.

We want to provide the opportunity for you to give to the homeless this Christmas. Please read below for details on how you can help.

The final day to bring gifts for the homeless will be 23 December during the Sunday service.

Here are two ways you can help our homeless friends this Christmas:

Donate unused clothing

Christmas brings holiday cheer - and cold weather. Our friends often need gloves, socks, shoes, and more to stay warm. If you have any unused articles of clothing, we will gladly accept them. Although we do mostly interact with homeless men, we do know at least three women amongst our homeless friends who can use clothing. (Truthfully, our friends are not picky about the style or colour of scarves, socks, hats, and so on, so please feel free to donate anyway.)

*There will be a collection box lying in the fellowship hall before, during, and after our Sunday 17:00 service.

Some specific clothing needs:

  • For men, aged 23-50/60 and of average height and build for Polish men

  • For women, aged 30-50 and of average height and build for Polish women

  • *Warm winter shoes sized 40-45, for men (this one is rather urgent)*

  • Gloves, men or women

  • Hats and scarves, men or women

  • Thick coats, men or women

  • Pants for men, sized 32-40 in waste

Assemble a Christmas shoebox gift

Shoebox gifts are a popular and fun way to package essentials and fun things together to someone in need. As the name suggests, all you need is an empty, standard-sized shoebox to put clothes, toiletries, non-perishable snacks, and other goodies in.

We invite you, your family, or your friends who want to assemble a Christmas shoebox present.

The photos below provide an idea of what you can include in a shoebox. Please feel welcome to add anything you think would benefit a man or woman on the streets. We encourage you to add personal touches to your boxes with a Christmas card or a passage from Scripture to share. Even if you cannot write in Polish, it has been our experience that our homeless friends simply love knowing that expatriates take the time to think and care for them. Some of our friends do have basic English skills.

Here are some guidelines for the shoeboxes:

  • Please leave space in the boxes for additional items to be added by volunteers of our outreach

  • You may wrap the box in Christmas wrapping paper, but please do not seal the box, for the same reason as the first point above

  • Please leave a note explaining to who ideally should receive the box (for example: "Gift for a middle-aged woman; or "Gift for a older man")

  • Please do not leave cash money or alcohol in the box

  • Do not leave any personal details (phone number, home address, e-mail) in the box. You can share your first name on a Christmas card

*Drop off for the shoeboxes will be next to the collection box for individual items of clothing.

Thank you all for your support and kindness over the 18-or-so months of us reaching out to the homeless men and women of Wrocław.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 508 944 981.

God bless!

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