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Children's Ministry Spring Review

Yonnélia has spent the last half-year with our children. She has done an incredible job with the children, sharing with them the message and love of Jesus Christ through the children's ministry. INCW has thus been blessed with the love of God shining through the children with their art projects, songs, and the church prayer box.

Yonnélia will be returning home to France later this summer as she has finished her degree in Wroclaw. She wanted to share her personal story of faith and some highlights of the lessons they did through the children's ministry:

My testimony: When I was 4  years old, I was walking with my Dad, and I don't know why, we stopped walking, and he told me if I steal or stole something, I will not going to the Heaven. And I turned my head to the sky, and I felt the presence of God, who looked at me. He smiled to me, and from this day I never stole something. 

Now I’m 24 years old. That means, it's been 20 years since I believed in God.

When I was 7 years old, I said to my mom "I adore chocolate", because in my school, every kid said this word "adore", and my mom looked at me, and she was a bit angry. She told me, "No, you like chocolate, you can just adore God". From this day I never said again "I adore something, or someone" (or at least twice). 

Since I was young, my parents and other people around me put in the commandments in my life. Since then, I try to keep them and to follow all them. 

That's one of the reasons I became a teacher in Sunday School. I was just 4 years old, when God looked at me, but in reality, he looked at me, before even I was born. 

It's important to me that children know of much God loves all of them, and he wants to save all of them.

The box prayers: With the kids we made a special box for some prayer requests. The aim is to encourage the kids to pray for others. And it’s work! Every Sunday they are so excited to pray for all different requests. I’m happy to see their joy when they want to pray, because they know that God listens to them, and sometimes their bring some requests from people outside of church (friends in school, people who have an accident, and what they hear from the TV, from family, etc..) And they are very happy when they know God responds to requests. They want to pray more for others. 

1: Personal prayers: the kids can write their own prayers, and put them in different envelopes. They can pray with their parents or alone (to learn to have a personal relationship with God).

2: Family house: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15b

It’s important for kids to know for the whole family to serve, work for and obey the Lord). 

3: Happy Mother's Day: Learn to be grateful back to our mothers, for everything she DID, DO, and WILL DO.

4: Ten Commandments:

For example, to make a good and delicious cake, we need to follow a recipe, and if we don't follow it correctly, the cake will not be good to eat. It's the same thing for us, all humans. God gave us ten commandments to follow, and two from Jesus. And if we follow all of them (12) it's going to be good for us, and in the eyes of God, because if we decide to follow all of them that means we love God because we want to please to God.

In the picture, it's a phone with 10 commandments and 2 from Jesus. When one of the commandments calls to your heart, what are you doing? Do you respond and follow this commandment, or do nothing ?

My presents for kids: each of the gifts are different, just like them. They are different but with the same God, who loves them.

For the last lesson, it was about the Queen Esther (who was an orphan girl) and King David (who was the last of all his brothers, and was a simple shepherd, little, and thin...). Both of them never thought that one day that they will become King and Queen.  That means God doesn't choose by royal blood, or because we are strong, and big, but he choose some people because of their heart: pure, sincere, faithful, kind, full of love, and fair...

That means he can choose you! And kids! Even if  you are young, he wants you, he needs you... You can become the new Queen or King of this generation. 

From all of us at the International Church of Wroclaw:

Thank you, Yonnélia! God bless!

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