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Essentials - For Godly Living

The Apostle Paul is nearing the end of his life. This small letter to his son in the faith, Titus, is the second to the last letter we have that Paul wrote. Titus, traveled and learned from his spiritual father and was now left on his own to “set in order what was unfinished” in all of the churches in the cities on the island of Crete. This was no small task as the island residents had a reputation of being liars, evil beast and lazy gluttons. A careful study of this short letter identifies several “ESSENTIALS” that Christians individually and churches should focus on in order to lay a solid foundation for living a life of godliness in a godless world. Please join us as we set out on this adventure to the island of Crete to learn practical "ESSENTIALS" to live a life of godliness.

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