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Jak leci? How's it flying? An intro to the Fruit of the Spirit

Pastor Brett Hamilton began our summer sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit with a message on love. Before defining fruit number one, Brett laid out what exactly the Fruit of the Spirit is.

The Fruit of the Spirit is the visible evidence of God’s “communicable attributes” which are lived out in our lives. Communicable attributes is a fancy way of saying something is “able to be transmitted, or shared from one to another.” God’s attributes – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control - are transmitted to us! We have God’s attributes when He is accepted and present in our lives.

One question we may have is: do we have just one fruit, or maybe two or three? Do we need only one, or maybe two or three to be genuine, growing, maturing, and healthy follower of Jesus Christ?

Brett explained that the Fruit of the Spirit is a collective idea, meaning that we have all the fruit together as one. For your Greek lesson of the day, the word for fruit is καρπός, or karpos, and can have not only the literal definition of the fruit we eat but also a metaphorical definition of “that which originates or comes from something; an effect or result.” (Click here for a full description and definition of karpos, fruit, from Fruit, then, is the outpouring of God's attributes in our lives.

Continuing in the sermon, Brett explained that we do not have more of one particular fruit, and less of the other; or that we do not need some of these fruits, and not some of the others.

Maybe you like bananas, but not oranges. Oranges are too pulpy, and take too much work to enjoy. Therefore, you can choose to not eat oranges. The Fruit of the Spirit does not work like this. Maybe you like having self-control, but are not so keen on showing goodness or kindness to others. In this way, the Fruit of the Spirit, or God’s own communicable attributes, is not present in us.

All fruit is good fruit (yes, even the seedy pomegranate). As Christians, we cannot live on one spiritual fruit alone. We need all the fruit together.

In the sermon clip below, Brett provided a different illustration for the Fruit of the Spirit – one as a flight panel that guides us along our spiritual journey. For an aircraft, all dials must be in order and functioning to ensure a safe flight. For us as Christians, all the fruit must be present in our lives to ensure that our walk with Jesus in on path.

"How are you flying?"

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