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Apologies for our delay in posting in our blog!

On October 28, 2018, Pat Hughes continued the Entrusted sermon series by preaching from 2 Timothy 2:8-14. Paul has been writing to Timothy, encouraging him to stay strong and suffer for the Gospel.

Keep in mind that Timothy has been facing hardships as the pastor of the city of Ephesus as it grows continually secular. Keep in mind, also, that Paul is writing to Timothy while locked in a dungeon in Rome! Both men are facing incredible hardships in defence of the Gospel, yet they both are finding the strength to endure and proclaim the Gospel where they are.

Paul goes on in this passage of 2 Timothy to say that he is not only suffering for the Gospel, but for the elect - those who have made the commitment to follow our Lord Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord in the way God has predestined for us.

Listen to the sermon clip from Pat to hear more, and we encourage you to join us on Sunday's at 17:00!

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