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Rooted in Christ

If there are thirty-one flavors of ice cream, why can we not have similar variety in religions?  Our generation increasingly wants to take faith out of the realm of objective truth and place it in the area of personal preferences and opinions.  The Apostle Paul’s letter of Colossians presents the uniqueness and the fullness of the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

16 million Mormons believe that Christ’s death guarantees immortality to all regardless of their faith but that one’s exaltation must be completed by works.

8.5 million Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is a created being with stages of existences and became messiah at his baptism.

7 million Baha’l World Faith Jesus is the Son of God but not divine.

13 million Jews believe Jesus is an important prophet but not divine.

500 million Buddist believe Jesus was a great religious teacher whose teachings can be valuable today.

2 billion Muslims Islam believe Jesus was a major prophet but not divine.

1.2 Billion Secular-nonreligious-Agnostic or Atheist deny God exist, not sure or do not care.

We needed to be well rooted in the person and work of our savior Jesus Christ in this generation.

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