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Who do you belong to?

On Sunday, September 2, Brett Hamilton closed the Fruit of the Spirit sermon series with part two of Self-control.

As we all know, battling temptations is an ongoing struggle. Whether it's fighting against the temptation to eat one more pizza slice, give in to sexual sins, or to go on and gossip and slander our brothers and sister, resisting the will to sin is never easy.

Often, the struggle to fight temptation is made more futile when we allow the sins of this world to enter our hearts through our ears and eyes.

Thankfully for us, we have someone to help us fight those battles. When we belong to Christ Jesus, our eyes become His eyes, and our ears become His ears. When we belong to the Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit reigns in us.

Take a listen below to catch the closing remarks of Brett's two-part sermon on the fruit of self-control.

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